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Holon is something that is simultaneously
a whole in and of itself,
as well as a part of a larger whole.

Websites hosted with Computer Enterprises can provide liberal design options and flexibility that can be built into your public website and your private backend databases and programs.

Example - HOA Document Management System This document imaging system provides several methods of importing, indexing and viewing documents while allowing some documents to be viewed in a public website and all others held in private.
William (Bill) Treadwell's Vitae contains details regarding the variety of projects completed that span two wide ranging careers: conducting market research projects/program evaluations and designing/programming document management systems.


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At this time in history it appears that government "by the people and for the people" has morphed into "government for the corporations by the corporations.

As a taxpayer, are you interested in having the citizen right to direct the Federal Government as to where they can spend your hard earned tax dollars?

If you anwser yes, here is a link to a white paper with theoretic details empowering citizens:
Federal Tax Evolution and Democracy

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